'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap 'Raising The Steaks' Yummm!

Keeping a team member in play when no one else wants to work with them will damage your overall energy. At Team Backbone this week, John Rich, Lil John, and Meat Loaf were working against a total, soul-sucking, energy hole. The fact that they could even raise their heads enough to try to bring the challenge in was a tribute to each of their commitments to their charities.

Continuing from last week’s firing of Mark McGrath, Backbone was visibly stunned to see Gary Busey walk through the door. Meat Loaf and Lil Jon were clearly unhappy, while John Rich went to a safe place in his mind, deciding that Gary must be the ‘savviest player’ in the game. It was either that or have his brain explode. John even confronted Gary with his new theory. "You’re either crazy or a saboteur." Gary, blank faced, neither confirmed nor denied. However, he later told us that he was shocked his team was against him. "Sure, when some people see me they think somewhere there's a village missing their idiot.  But that's not true because I have an eternal wealth of knowledge. I will not let that cat out of the bag."  And then he pretended to be a cat. Read More...



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