Review: Miike Hits Samurai Stride With '13 Assassins'

Authenticity has its rewards.  I have to admit that while I’ve often thought that famed cult Director Takashi Miike’s films were interesting, there’s always been an American influence looming over most of them.  This was never more evident then in the 2007 glorious looking debacle "Sukiyaki Western: Django," a film steeped in forced western culture.  But the samurai hens have come home to roost, as Miike thankfully leaves his love of the US behind and throws himself full throttle into the distinctly Japanese "13 Assassins" – and it’s his bloody five star swan song.

Lord Naritsuga is one mean bastard.  He rapes and kills at will, tortures for fun, and has no problem throwing his status around in the name of evil.  This is all much to the dismay of Top Shogun Official, who is helpless to stop him due to the fact that he is the Shogun’s young brother and hence above the law.  So he secretly enlists the help of Shinzaemon Shimada, a skilled master swordsman who recruits a gang of deadly, loyal and ready to die samurai who make it their final act to kill the deranged Lord before he reaches untouchable land and ascends the country into unneeded war. Read More...


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