Sean Combs Surprises in "Ho'opa'i"

I didn't have very high expectations for tonight's episode of Hawaii Five-O. In fact, I was a little unhappy about it because I wasn't sure about the guest star, Sean "Puffy"Combs. So, I was pleasantly surprised to have my low expectations greatly exceeded with "Ho'opa'i".

Sean Combs did an outstanding job as undercover officer Reggie Cole. It was easy to like his character, and care about what would happen to him. Combs managed to realistically convey a man running on adrenaline seeking justice and revenge for the murder of his wife.

The only thing that sort of had me raise an eyebrow was when Reggie used two guns to take out one of the hired killers. Hawaii Five-O runs on action movie rules so a certain heroic badass factor often comes into play. There was just something a little off that made the choice stand out. Perhaps, it's simply because McGarrett manages to be a badass with just one weapon most of the time. Read More...


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