'Gossip Girl' recap: When Charlie met Serena

It’s been so long since Gossip Girl was last on I have completely forgotten what’s happened this season. For a hot second I thought it was still the year that Hilary Duff showed up and showed new levels of lameness. That was a loooong, tough season for GG fans. Now, I remember—Blair and Dan were about to get it on! Yay. Oh and Chuck and Nate were fighting over snoozypants Raina! Boo. But let’s get back to THE couple with actual heat: Dan and Blair a.k.a. "Dair."

Sooooo….um….not a helluva lot has changed sadly. Last time we saw them, Dair had exchanged a pretty hot kiss. It’s now a week later in GG time and Dan has yet to hear back from Blair despite calling her the next day. Meanwhile, Ms. Waldorf has been in bed all week, in her mind suffering from "consumption" or "malaise." I love that Blair basically exists in Jane Austen novels. I’m surprised she hasn’t rediscovered petticoats yet. Depressed/confused Blair is brought out of her funk by a call from Epperly—remember the bitchy assistant from W?—who is now working for book publisher Taschen on a photo collection of "modern royalty." For those of you that haven’t watched this episode yet, a perfect drinking game would be to take a sip every time the word "Taschen" is mentioned; I think it almost approaches double digits so be cautious with your imbibing. But seriously the episode should have been co-sponsored by Taschen…and Intermix. Read More...



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