THE CHICAGO CODE “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE "St Valentine’s Day Massacre" Season 1 Episode 9 – A shooting in arestaurant draws links to Al Capone’s 1929 criminal takeover. This puts Colvin in a fix, especially because media interest in her job success has sparked thanks to an anonymous police officer caller who pans her job performance on the air.

I liked this episode, despite the lack of Delroy Lindo’s Alderman Gibbons, mainly because I like thecast and they’re entertainin to watch. The Valentine’s Day case was good, even if it was solved with the utmost convenience and some pretty perfect timing with the battery in the middle of the police department. The lack of support within the ranks of the police officers was nicely paralleled with the Superintendent who found himself kicked to the curb by his inability to catch Capone. I have a feeling that would have made a better story. Deion is more threatening as Hardison on TNT’s Leverage than he was here, and I think that’s one of the major problems with The Chicago Code: there are no antagonists. Wouldn’t that have been awesome, if they arrested the wrong guy and unwittingly handed a get out of jail free card to the real gangster mastermind? Instead, they orchestrate some bogus plot and elect an incompetent gangleader (ha!) who will run it into the ground within six months. Yawn. Read More...


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