CHUCK “Chuck Vesus The Wedding Planner” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner" Season 4 Episode 21 – The one thing that separatesChuck from most other television shows is the investment in character development. Sure, the show has off days, and last night’s main plot featuring a con artist who snatched twenty six thousand dollars from Chuck and Sarah in a wedding planner ploy, only to find herself faced with Sarah’s vindictive wrath, started out as one of the smartest episodes of Chuck I’ve ever seen. It was more like a modern 1930s comedy with elements of espionage thrown in as Chuck and Sarah realized they’d been duped. Unfortunately a real Chuck case involving Iranian nuclear intelligence in the hands of a Hungarian family forced its way center stage and brought the quality of the episode down, but there was still a lot to love about this instalment of Chuck.

Sarah’s father returned and we were presented with some more young Sarah flashbacks, which I always enjoy. One thing Chuck writers do well is their treatment of Sarah’s father: he is a consistent jerk, a flighty man who loves his daughter but never allows himself to be close to her. The contrast between himself and Awesome was poignant but not too heavy handed. Read More...


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