NURSE JACKIE “Mitten” Review

NURSE JACKIE "Mitten" Season 3 Episode 3 – They fooled us in the previews for this episode into thinking Kevin had up and scampered away—cold left jackie. And even partway through the episode they almost had me believing it. Hell, they opened the episode with "Grounds For Divorce" by Elbow (great song—though for some reason I feel like going to work in the ol’ coal mines whenever I hear it) I sat up in my seat when she opened that closet. "Ohhhhh… is this a turning point….?!"


I’ve said it before: Nurse Jackie doesn’t have to have a lot of major plot advancement to be entertaining; it better not need it, because it rarely gets it, and when it does advance it usually feels like a shock of cold water on the face. This one advanced a few (Kevin’s sister at the house and her being set up with Eddie; Gloria’s continued obsession to garner a hospital visit by Michelle Obama) as well as introduced a few more (Eleanor’s offer to become head of E.R., and Coop’s fruitless attempt at competing with her). Read More...


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