HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ho’opa’i” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ho’opa’i" Episode 21 – Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) did a bang-up job in this episode, portraying the pain and intensity of a man who goes on the hunt of those who killed his wife and threatened his son. He’s an FBI agent who was deep undercover with a major crime boss from the mainland and of course we’re supposed to assume that Cannon is the one who set up the hit.

But in true Five-0 style, the case takes some twists and turns. I had my doubts from the beginning that it was Cannon, but the killer turning out to be his son was one I didn’t see coming. So they got me there, no doubt about it.

As always, I appreciated the male bonding/bickering that happened in the car between Danny and Steve. It was all great – everything from Steve asking Danny what he would do if he were in Reggie’s shoes, to Danny saying that he would never risk going to jail and leaving his daughter (awww!) and then asking if the book Steve would go my was "Patriot Act for Dummies." In fact, the only bad thing about it was it didn’t last nearly long enough. Then again, I doubt the rest of the audience would appreciate the entire episode taking place in the car between those two as much as I would so I guess I’ll let that slide. Read More...



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Apr 20, 2011 12:19AM EDT

No offense but you're smoking crack! Sean Combs was terrible!! This guy can't act. It was painful to watch, surpassed only by the child actor who was equally terrible. Using pseudo-stars like Combs as guests only serves to cheapen the quality of the show which borders on campy as it is. Please stop writing scripts aimed at people with an 8th grade education! I mean, honestly, did McGarret really say, "You want guys like us going after Cannon, guys who run through those walls?" I laughed out loud. Who writes this stuff! This was the worst acted episode of the season top to bottom. Sean Combs is a marginal talent. I've literally seen better high school actors. "You've got heaven and you've got hell" -- really? Awful! Can we at least wait until the second season but the inevitable slide?

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