MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Life or Death” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT "Life or Death" Season 2 Episode 14 - Perhaps appropriate for an episode titled "Life or Death," but tonight’s show was slow and slightly boring. In trying to address Kaylie’sanorexia issue, Lauren’s mother issue, Emily’s social confinement, and Payson’s short-lived social life,MAKE IT OR BREAK IT has lost much of its charm from the first season and the beginning of the second season. I prefer seeing more focus on the relationships and less on the huge issues. Or at least not have the issues completely take over and change the premise of the show, which is after all about the girls in a gymnastics "team." Obviously, each girl will have her own things going on in her life, her own family and world, but it’s starting to feel like four different mini-shows within a show. It wouldn’t be so bad if each of their lives was visibly affecting the others as well, but it’s not portrayed as such. Generally it’s just too much going on and beginning to overwhelm.

Snide turns to slutty as Lauren tries to get Max’s attention. Yet he still seems to be more interested in Payson. Payson, on the other hand, changes her mind after seeing Lauren’s slutty photos taken by Max. After Summer threatens to tell Steve, Lauren turns on the faucet again, expounding that everyone kept her mother from her and that no one wants her. This is really getting old now. Lauren has the same lines in every episode! Read More...


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