MAD LOVE “Pub Quiz” Review

MAD LOVE "Pub Quiz" Season 1 Episode 9 – In this episode Kate talks Connie into joining her at a spa after her back goes out and she starts feeling a little old. But it’s Kate who starts feeling over-the-hill herself when her masseuse calls attention to a little gray hair..on her chin. Yikes. But Connie manages to pull her friend out of the doldrums long enough for the pair to hit the town and go to a club. There they realize that they don’t mind getting old so much, as long as it means they can go to their regular bar and hang out with their regular friends.

Meanwhile Ben and Larry are trying to nab an elusive client who also happens to be a bit of a jerk. I know that the pub quiz thing was stupid but I wasn’t on Ben’s side at all on this one. I was happy when Larry told the guy to stuff it, and happy when Ben did it, too. Read More...


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