Chuck 4.21 "Chuck vs the Wedding Planner" Recap


"Chuck vs the Wedding Planner" opens with a girl scout knocking on a door to sell cookies.  She convinces the woman inside to purchase one of every box, making her believe there are only two varieties.  When the girl quickly counts that the woman has $84, she notes there are five other varieties for a grand total of, who would have guessed it?, $84.  As the girl returns to her father's car, a subtitle notes that it is 1988 in McCall, Ohio.  The girl, a young Sarah Walker, gives the money to her father, Jack Burton.  He hands Sarah $100 as her cut of the takings.  He asks her if she could have anything she wants, what would it be?  Sarah replies that all she wants are adventures just with her Dad.  Dad smiles, but drops her off with her grandparents. Read More...


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