How I Met Your Mother: "Hopeless" Review

Barney reuniting with his dad over the last handful of How I Met Your Mother episodes has felt a bit uneven. Barney's overly childish behavior might be good for a laugh or two, but there have been times in this string of episodes where it became too cartoony and annoying. Thankfully, in "Hopeless," Barney's childlike demands and expectations were held in check, leaving room for a lot more laughs and a sweetly subtle ending. The main joke How I Met has been milking for several weeks now with Barney's dad is the fact that he used to be a wild rocker and now he's a suburban square. Barney has felt like he missed out on having an awesome party dad and tried to get that man back by giving him the "awesomest night of all time." Early on, things looked grim for Barney as Jerry wanted to keep things normal. And worse, Jerry admitted to not remembering his last words to six-year-old Barney: "Never stop partying." This crushed Barney and Neil Patrick Harris broke from his usual exaggerated, heightened performance to deliver a heartbreaking flash of Barney's very real sadness.  Read More...


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