Recap: 'The Event' - 'Cut Off the Head'

Recap: 'The Event' - 'Cut Off the Head'

If  nothing else, "The Event" gave me my favorite moment of the series, tonight. For the most part, "Cut Off the Head" is a dull transition episode, moving from the reveal of Sophia being a genocidal maniac, to the climactic end-game battle between humans and aliens that appears to be coming. It’s not nearly as bad as much of the show has been, but it’s relatively inert (the cliffhanger is a closeup of a coffee mug!)

But then there’s the scene where evil, old-man Dempsey pulls out a gun and, in an apparent good-will gesture to Sean, puts a bullet in his own brain.

I laughed. A lot. The sort of uncomfortable, out-of-control laughter that will make a nearby spouse question your sanity. I’m desperate to know what the writers’ preliminary work on this character looked like. Like, did they really envision going from him controlling the vice president, to him kidnapping and mutating a bunch of little girls, to him morphing into a younger version of himself and then waxing philosophical about guardian angels in some French cave before setting his house on fire and then casually capping himself? Read More...


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