'The Chicago Code' 1.09 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' Review

I loved last week's episode of The Chicago Code because it focused on character with a simple plot. I love this episode for the opposite reason: it's got one heck of a plot that still revealed more about our characters. As a writer, I have an incredible amount of respect for a show that changes its approach to best serve its stories. It proves that they're willing to do whatever it takes to do the best job possible, and they have done an outstanding job all season long.

On-screen, doing the best job possible is a major issue this week. Teresa gets thrown under the bus twice this week, first by one of her own officers (you have to love people who say things anonymously rather than be willing to put their name behind what they say) and then by the mayor in front of the press. It's made clear publicly that her job is on the line. Yet that doesn't stop her from doing her job, whether it's working with her detectives or confronting the people she needs to. I believe what she says and I feel like I would follow her. I've heard a fair amount of comments over the years about the lack of strong female roles on television; well, here's a strong woman in power, played by a very capable actress. Jennifer Beals has really impressed me in this part. Every time I watch her, I just think that there are so many ways lesser actresses could have messed this crucial character up, and Teresa Colvin avoids every single one of them. Read More...



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