'90210' Recap: 'The Enchanted Donkey'

Bienvenidos a Mexico, Crushers! Nothing says spring break like hot new hookups and a little underage drinking in a foreign country, right? (Of course, my spring breaks in high school never involved private jets, unchaperoned hotel stays and a Rent-A-Mariachi-Band, but the beauty of "90210" lies in its reality.) The students of West Bev may have been ready to escape their problems with too many margaritas and chimichangas, but conveniently enough, they followed them south of the border.

Vacation was well deserved for these hard-working students. Naomi, for one, was doubling up on her after-school activities, thanks to her new secret boyfriend Max. Don't let the glasses fool you, ladies. This band geek was no charity case for the Queen Bee (and has been quite the hit among naughty flautists). After some highly enjoyable lessons in rocket science, Naomi toted Max along like another one of her carry-ons, under the guise that said nerd would be tutoring her during the trip. Is the fact that Max is into "Avatar" instead of Armani such a big deal? This is Hollywood, isn't it? Regardless, the two did their best to keep up the act (Max's zinc oxide on his nose really did the trick) before sneaking off for one-on-one time. Along with a strong chemical connection, Max's true display of genuine affection led Naomi to realize she may really like him. Let's just start the campaign now: Max and Naomi for Prom King and Queen 2011. Read More....



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