'Doctor Who': Catch up on 47 years of plot in 6 minutes


As "Doctor Who" fans, we feel a tad guilty about not being completely familiar with the series' complete, decade-spanning history. Aside from watching a few repeats in passing on PBS, our familiarity with the Doctor pretty much begins and ends with the 2005 reboot. But at least now we can sort of pretend that's not the case. YouTube's Fine Brothers, who recently gave us something to LOL at by forcing children to watch and react to Rebecca Black's "Friday," have kindly recapped all 47 years and 11 doctors worth of "Doctor Who" in a 6-minute video. The comprehensive tutorial covers the many faces of the time traveler, the origins of his nemeses, several spin-offs and a few other culturally significant moments.Really, it's the perfect primer for existing fans or curious newbies going into the April 23 season opener -- the first ever to simultaneously premiere in the U.S. and the U.K:...



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