Glee Episode Recap: "A Night of Neglect"

Tuesday's episode of Glee, "A Night of Neglect," shines the spotlight on one of McKinley High's many unsung heroes: Mercedes (Amber Riley). Within the show's ever-growing ensemble, Mercedes' screen time has taken a few hits, both in the scripts and in reality. The clever writers have frequently used the show to address its critics, incorporating meta story lines that mirror the public's reception to the show. (Remember Jacob's rant about Mr. Schue's rap stylingz?)

Here, they take a recurring complaint — that the show focuses too much on Rachel and Finn — and give Mercedes the diva moment we've seen bubbling up in her scorching performances since she grunted outJazmine Sullivan's "Bust Ya Windows" back in the halcyon days of September 2009. Her closing number at the glee club's fundraiser, Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way," prompts Sandy "The Pink Dagger" Ryerson to abandon his treachery and exclaim, "Oh dear God, I love this song." And so did we. Read More...


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