Everyone On 'The Biggest Loser' Jumps Off Something Tall

The crew is now in Queensland, New Zealand. Did you guys know that Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealander? Because he was. This, combined with the fact that everyone is competing as singles this week, apparently means that everyone is going to lose a huge amount of weight. Wait, what? Don't ask me. Alison said it.


So Brett flies in on a parachute and now the show is basically back to normal, except Moses is gone. Why does the show insist on voting off all my favorite people all the time and keeping the ones that make me want to pull my hair out? (i.e. Kaylee, Rulon. Kaylee. Also Kaylee. Did I mention Kaylee? Maybe Cara while we're at it? Maybe?) 

So Cara takes Hannah and Kaylee and they all trudge up to the top of a 358-foot cliff to do the world's tallest cliff jump! Um, while this is exhilarating and all, how exactly is this helping them lose weight? Cara is all nervous about jumping off a cliff, which supposedly makes her more relatable but STILL DOESN'T HELP ANYONE LOSE WEIGHT.  Read More...



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