Glee Promo: The 90-Minute Episode "Born This Way"

glee tv newsGlee gets super-sized in the April 26 episode when Mr. Shue continues to teach the glee kids to embrace their uniqueness.  The kids are obviously working hard to prepare for Nationals and go face-to-face again with Vocal Adrenaline (although it will be interesting to see what they do without Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James to provide lead vocals).  It also looks like the McKinley High kids do a big performance in a mall in the upcoming episode.

As a spoiler (which is clearly revealed at the end of the trailer below), Kurt decides to return to McKinley High.  I'm not sure what will happen with his bully Karofsky to convince him that it's safe to return.  There's no indication what will happen to Blaine without Kurt at Dalton Academy with him, but I hope he doesn't fall to the way-side. Read More...


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