Cougar Town 2.15 “Walls” Review

Our long national nightmare is over folks, Cougar Town is back! ABC took the series off the air to try to jump-start Matthew Perry’s career (which I don’t think worked), but for all our waiting, the network has done the nice thing and given the series a twofer week, starting with last night’s "Walls" and continuing with another episode in the regular timeslot tomorrow. This is even more odd because "Walls" was apparently supposed to be the last episode before said extended break, but the STUPID PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES just had to have his State of the Union address. What a buzzkill that guy is. I bet he sucks at Penny Can.

abcAnyway, Cougar Town‘s return is very good news and even though "Walls" isn’t one of my favorite episodes of the series, it’s still a nice reintroduction to the characters and the inside jokes for those of us who forgot and those of us watching for the first time because it’s on after Dancing With The Stars. It’s really hard to say negative things about an episode thought brought us the return of Penny Can and Ellie’s invisible hat tip gag because those running bits are so awesome. And ultimately, this is still a goodepisode of Cougar Town in that basically every episode of season two has been good. Read More...


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