Gosick Episode #13 - Recap

With summer vacation still underway, Gosick does have the chance to do some fun stuff that may not make that much impact but help to engage us with the characters more. While we had a very pleasant 'down' episode with Kazuya and Victorique in the previous episode, this one brings Avril back into the picture as she couldn't be away from Kazuya for that long. The two are spending some time together and Avril is, of course, pretty cute in how she plays a typical girl while trying to get on his good side.The main event that begins here though is when the two of them go to a movie together only to discover afterwards that the clock tower that they saw in it was actually one nearby on campus. That has some fun moments as they do an investigation into the place as it's pretty creepy, but the scary part is finding Cecile in there and her overreaction to everything. I'm still not sure what to make of Avril overall as she's definitely cute in how she's trying to win over Kazuya, but she hasn't really connected with me in a way that makes me actually like her. There's just too little about her, but I fear much more will make her an annoying character in the long run. Read More...



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