Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #13 - Recap

Cardfight!! Vanguard hits a quick moment at the start here that is almost a bit of a surprise as Kai takes down Misaki with a quick and final move and then walks off, his victory complete. It is about right for Kai and his personality, though it's not something he's doing as a cool or cruel act on his part, he's just done and moving on to whatever will be next. He is confident of course, as we saw that throughout the portion of his game we saw in the last episode, but that confidence can be misconstrued as he walks away after his victory. Then again, these are middle school kids, so you can read only so far below the surface about what their real intentions may be.I'm actually a little sad that Kai and Misaki's match was as short as it was and given as little attention as it was. Considering we got to see Misaki play previously and she's a solid player at the least, having their math given so little attention, acting more as filler between the bigger moments of Aichi and Kamui's match, it felt a little bit like a lack of respect for Misaki. Particularly since she's the only female player that's been in the show so far. Unsurprisingly, everything is moving closer towards the final match being between Kai and Aichi, something that was a given since the entire tournament idea started up in the show, and this episode focuses heavily on how the game is unfolding between Kamui and Aichi so we can wait ever so tensely about who will face Kai in the finals. Read More...


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