Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode #14 - Recap

After the way the tournament turned out in the shop, there's a bit of a sense of sadness about Aichi since he lost to Kamui and is now unable to play against Kai or go on to the next level with them. With the shop representation set, that leaves Aichi trying to figure out what to do next. Luckily for him, Kamui is a smart future brother-in-law and suggests that Aichi head off to another card shop and explore the challenges there. While the card shop we've seen has been pretty decent with a nice layout and some solid tables for the gang to work with, and a decent round of players, it's a wild world out there that Aichi has yet to explore.Kamui takes him to a place where he'll definitely find challenges and will leave the viewer cringing with Cardshop Handsome. It's a big building on the outside, at least compared to how other shops look, but once you get inside it's like it's the interior of a pirate ship. With saloon doors at the front. Nautical windows all around. And everyone inside it wears traditional seafaring garb with a rough edge about it. Team Handsome is pretty strong, and that leaves Aichi wondering why Kamui hasn't joined there and done his fight to become a representative among them. AS it turns out, he has a younger girl there that is totally in love with him named Nagisa. She essentially acts exactly like he does when it comes to Emi, so it's a simple pot calling the kettle black moment that Aichi realizes is happening. There's some cuteness to it, but Nagisa does quickly become that annoying little child character, which is magnified by Kamui's own attitude. Read More...


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