Beelzebub Episode #12 - Recap

When dealing with a demon lords baby, we've seen a lot of simple situations that have come to light where the exaggerated effects of being a baby are brought into play. The temper tantrums alone have been fun with the electricity and the like, but the one coming to light now involves Beel having some very bad times at night which leads to him crying a whole lot. A lot. So much so, and so loud, that it disturbs seemingly the entire town, which leads to a lynch mob starting to form outside the house that even Oga's father can't grovel enough for to try and appease them. Hilde has the right idea though by wanting to go out and just slay all of them, but Oga manages to convince her otherwise and to get help from her in trying to soothe little Beel.The family and Hilde do try to do whatever they can to help Beel, but the exhaustion for most of them is hitting them hard, which makes it all the more frustrating to deal with. It is fun watching how Beel rides Oga like a horse, but that only leads to more pain and suffering, which is what all the suggestions are like. Doing that for a few hours just isn't easy or sustainable. The attempts to placate Beel, who doesn't look tired in the slightest, are comical, and Oga's father starts to take the brunt of the pain as well. There is a disconnect with some of them though since Oga spends so much time with him, so he knows Beel likes being scared by certain things but Oga's sister doesn't and continues to beat up Oga for it. Of course, that makes Beel happy too. Read More...


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