Beelzebub Episode #13 - Recap

Sometimes you really have to feel for Oga as he goes through his life. While he's done rather good as a fighter in school, his life has been markedly more difficult since Beel came into it. Thankfully, he's mostly honed and improved his skills since then and has managed to become closer to Beel because of it, even though he initially wanted to get rid of him. The two have bonded pretty well and it's fun seeing them working together as they do, especially with Beel being so supportive while saying so little.

Where things get more difficult for him is that he faces two very different tests this week. The first is that the high school is actually putting the entire student body through an assessment test. These guys haven't been tested in an age so it's not exactly something they're prepared for. School work hasn't exactly figured heavily into their daily lives, since they're part of the school of hard knocks and flying fists, but they're eager to get into it. Oga actually does try to study but things always seem to come up. Still, seeing large numbers of the characters actively trying to take tests, tests that are actually aimed at elementary school students no less, left me laughing a good deal, especially as the results kept coming in. Read More...


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