Gintama Episode #202 - Review

After a lengthy break, Gintama has returned to the airwaves with new episodes. When it was airing before was just around the time Sentai Filmworks started to release their first DVDs so I never really got into it since we knew it was going off the air. After watching the first years worth of episodes in that format, I fairly well enjoyed parts of it but felt that the collected form of it may not be the best way to watch it since it gets to be overkill in going through a marathon viewing. So to see it again, a hundred and fifty episodes past where I left off, in an episode by episode form is an interesting new way to deal with it. After all, Gintama is the kind of show where you can go this many episodes and not really have any significant changes to deal with. The core characters are here and the humor just continues on.The show has fun right from the start after the opening where Gin has changed his look in a lot of ways, a very Dragon Ball and Kenshin kind of way, in order to make the show fresh and new. He's the same but different and has an amusing look about him. The flashbacks that deal with Dragon Ball Z are priceless in how they play up that series and just have fun with it. Kagura has a much more significant change as she's actually a taller woman now, which totally blows Shinpachi's mind. The height is bad enough but the size of her breasts just boggles him as well. Of course, she uses all her newfound skills in effort to loaf, so she hasn't changed in a lot of ways either. Suffice to say, it's been an interesting two years in show time since we last saw these characters. Read More...


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