Gintama Episode #204 - Recap

With the fun of the two part return now behind us and everyone back to normal, sadly in some ways, Gintama gets underway by covering a couple of holidays in quick order. The return to short form humor for the series is definitely welcome since sometimes the gags in a longer two part storyline can go over overly long and wear out their welcome. This one kicks off with the fun of Gin complaining about New Years cards and that nobody should send them next year because of how people abuse it. Of course, he's just trying to get out of having to deal with return cards for this year since they're obviously far behind and there's massive stacks of them to work through.Gin's view of the cards is definitely that of a curmudgeon as he provides short form versions of what should be on the cards, which can be rather amusing. The initial batch is worked over quickly before it delves into the large supporting cast in the series that are all trying to get some screen time since they've been away so long, which of course infuriates Gin to no end. Even worse is that Ana has sent out wedding picture cards with Gin's head photoshopped on it and she sent them to everyone, so they're getting congratulations cards over that as well. It's really quite cute how they manage to get so many people in to deal with their characters, even as just a card with a voice over, to let us reconnect with some of them at least briefly.  Read More...


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