Freezing Episode #12 - Recap

With the Nova attack going strong and so many of the Pandora warriors having fallen, it's a pretty nasty battle that has unfolded as comrade has gone against possessed comrade, though there have been ways of freeing them from the Nova control. The psychological wound will likely last a long time though, if they survive, and especially for their Limiters as they've mostly been forced to watch on helplessly and to try and get them to safety whenever the opportunity arises. It's definitely an emotional moment for some of them, such as the opening here where Ganessa's Limiter is carrying her, but it feels like too much in the midst of such a bleak scene and the battle itself since they're not defending themselves and are open to attack.Because of how events have unfolded, this episode is largely made up of lots of anger being funneled and channeled into getting ready for the big attack to deal with the Nova before they cause any more grief. There's one somewhat nice moment before the halfway mark where Satellizer, having seen so many other Pandora warriors having fallen, laments that she never made friends with anyone at the school. It's a difficult scene to swallow simply because all we've seen are the other women there heaping abuse upon abuse of her, even more so since Kazuya's arrival and becoming her Limiter, in name only at first no less. For her to suddenly develop feelings for those that have beaten her down so hard, verbally and physically, just doesn't make sense no matter the context here. Read More...


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