Recap The Young & The Restless: Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack is disappointed that Phyllis has no remorse for her attack on Diane. Tucker puts Diane on the spot and asks her if any part of the article is true. Phyllis informs Jack that Diane is using Kyle for some master plan. Diane threatens Tucker that if he doesn’ t change his mind about the offer, Ashley will learn about their night together. Phyllis and Jack’ s fight erupts into passion as they start to make love in the office.Diane shows up at the magazine as Phyllis and Jack are getting dressed. She is disgusted that Jack has forgiven Phyllis. Diane threatens Jack and says she will not allow him to be a part of Kyle’ s life. Alone, Phyllis tries to assure Jack that Diane’ s threat was empty, but Jack isn’ t so sure.Abby is thrown when Victoria informs Vance that they want Beauty of Nature from Victor in order to settle. Victoria tries to convey to Abby what owning Beauty of Nature would mean for them. Daniel informs Abby that he sold six pieces to a dealer in Chicago. Abby is thrilled for him, but admits that she isn’ t sure she can trust Victoria. Victoria goes to Tucker to offer him a deal – Beauty of Nature and Jabot merge as long as she is made C.E.O. Victor informs Nick that he checked Nikki into rehab. At rehab, Nikki reveals to Victor what happened with Deacon and how she started drinking. Nick questions the whereabouts of Victoria, but Victor asks him not to call her. Nikki admits to Nick that she fears Victor hates her, but Nick assures that they all love her. Meggie informs Deacon that he is checking into Solidarity House with Nikki.


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