Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meggie informs Victor that she will take care of things while Nikki is away. Nick assures Nikki that her entire family is behind her while she gets well, not revealing that Victoria hasn’ t been told yet about what happened. As they are leaving her room they run into Deacon and Nick confronts him. Nikki pleads with Nick to let her deal with Deacon. Later, Nikki confronts Deacon about why he is in the same rehab center as her. Meggie reveals to Jack that Nikki checked herself into rehab. Jack is a little put off by Meggie who seems to be making herself a little too " at-home" on the ranch. Later, Nikki fights to suppress her pull to Deacon, but reveals that it is good to know he is still there if she needs him. Devon and Noah begin collaborating together. Noah agrees to lay down some music tracks with him. After Devon leaves, Nick offers to let Noah move into the tack house in order to work on his music, but Noah turns them down. Things start to get heated as the mediation nears and everyone’ s intentions start to become clear. Victor reveals Nikki is in rehab to Victoria. Victoria is stricken by the news about Nikki, but when she realizes that Victor waited until this morning to inform her she is furious. Ashley asks Tucker if he knows anything about Jack’ s involvement with Abby’ s lawsuit and Tucker lies. Victor tries to divide Abby and Victoria one last time by offering them a huge cash settlement and Abby is taken aback. Alone, Abby calls Ashley for help and Ashley reminds her that this is her fight, no one else’ s. Victoria and Abby inform Victor that they can’ t accept his offer. Vance offers a counter-offer, saying they will accept Beauty of Nature.


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