Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chloe becomes curious when Kevin won’ t reveal what is going on with him and why he doesn’ t seem all that interested in Allison. Chloe follows Kevin to the dive bar, hoping to find out what he is hiding. Chloe jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Kevin giving Hogan a " gift" . Hogan threatens Kevin and informs him he owes $10,000 that was missing in the last drop. As things get heated between the two, Chloe starts to believe that Kevin is gay. Noah loses his cool with Sharon about Adam and how she allows him to take advantage of her. Nick intervenes and informs Noah to back off and Noah ends up leaving. Later, Adam informs Skye he is leaving. She finds evidence that Adam is really leaving Genoa City. Skye goes to Sharon for help in convincing Adam to stay in town because he stole money from the hedge fund. Skye will have to report him to the police if their investors find out. Later, Sharon shows up at the bus station to stop Adam.Victoria and Victor are at each others throats over Beauty of Nature. Vance asks the judge for access to the Newman Enterprises’ financial records. The judge says he will consider it. Later, the judge rules in Victoria and Abby’ s favor and orders Victor to turn over the financial records for Newman Enterprises. Michael asks Victoria to find a way to work things out with Victor for Nikki’ s sake. Victoria thinks this is a manipulation tactic. She later learns that Victor barred her from seeing Nikki. Nick admits to Victoria that he knew about Nikki yesterday, but didn’ t say anything because of Victor asked him not to. Victoria is furious with both of them. In Victor’ s office, the forensic accountants arrive, but Victor refuses to allow them access to his records.


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