Recap The Young & The Restless:Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sharon informs Adam that Skye is preparing to turn him into the police if he goes on the run. He says he is going to see Justin Hightower to make things right before leaving. Sharon makes a final plea to Adam before leaving, but as she is going her gloves fall to the ground unnoticed. Nick defends Victor’ s actions after Victoria asked for Beauty of Nature. Victor goes to Heather to stop the court order, but Heather refuses to help. Victor makes it clear that saying " no" to him isn’ t an option. Nick confronts Victor about banning Victoria from seeing Nikki. Victor defends his actions, saying that she can see her mother when she starts acting like a member of their family again. As Victoria informs Billy about Victor’ s actions, Billy grows furious so Victoria shifts the conversation to Halloween costumes to distract him. They end up at odds when they have different ideas about their couple’ s costumes. As Victor is about to be arrested, Heather steps in to stop it.Daniel receives his divorce papers from Amber. Abby is a little let down when Daniel says he is happy to finally to single for a while. Later, Abby fishes for some clue as to what is going on between them, but is disappointed when Daniel says he is happy she doesn’ t pressure him into a commitment.Jana tries to reach out to Lauren, but Lauren isn’ t sure she can give Jana a second chance. At the party, Lauren is leaving a message for Michael she doesn’ t notice that Daisy is lurking in the shadows.


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