Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, October 29, 2010

At Billy’ s Halloween party, Daisy lurks in the shadows as Daniel and Abby arrive. Billy tries to terrify some of his guests with a Halloween story and a little theatrics, but when the lights flicker and come back on and Lauren sees Daisy. When everyone realizes that Lauren isn’ t joking they go to look for her. Billy and Michael inform her that there was no sign of Daisy anywhere. Daniel apologizes to Abby for saying he didn’ t want a girlfriend and informs her that he wants her. Later, as Phyllis is going through her photos of the night she realizes that Daisy is in the background of one. At Daniel’ s apt, Abby and Daniel are stunned when they arrive home and find a pregnant Daisy waiting for them. At the party, Chloe asks Rafe to observe Kevin and see if he is gay. Rafe forces Chloe to confront Kevin about her suspicions after witnessing a confrontation between Kevin and Hogan. Kevin reveals the truth about the gambling ring and that he is the bag-man. J.T. receives his acceptance letter to the police academy. Mac informs J.T. about a job opportunity that she was offered in D.C. and J.T. is stunned that she would consider leaving Genoa City. The doctor informs J.T. that he won’ t be able to become an officer because the electrocution caused damage to his heart. Adam leaves Sharon’ s gloves on her doorstep. Nick finds Sharon’ s and Sharon realizes Adam is still in town. Alone, Sharon calls Adam and he informs her that she was the reason that he decided to stay. Later, Adam makes plans to leave Skye.


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