Recap The Young & The Restless: Monday, November 1, 2010

Daniel learns Daisy's baby is his child. He maintains he never slept with Daisy, but Daisy reveals that they slept together the night he was drugged. Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren fill Ronan in on seeing Daisy at Jimmy's. Photos of Daisy trigger Lauren to panic from PTSD and she runs out before Phyllis can stop her. Later, Michael, Kevin, and Ronan find Daisy's motel room and realize that Daisy is pregnant. 

Daisy threatens to hurt the baby if Daniel calls the police. Abby gets her phone and starts to text someone without Daisy knowing. Michael gets a text from Abby informing him that Daisy is at Daniel's apartment. Daisy suggests Daniel set up a DNA test if he doesn't believe he is the father. Daisy turns to leave just as Ronan arrives and arrests her. 

Noah assures Kevin that he will look out for Jana while he goes to look for Daisy. Jana asks Noah to spend the night with her at her motel room. Noah pulls her into a kiss and she responds, but when she sees a text from Kevin saying he is coming to see her she kicks Noah out. Outside, Noah witnesses Jana messing up her apartment. 

When Kevin arrives, Jana says Daisy trashed her room. She asks him to stay for the night. While Kevin is in the bathroom, Noah returns and wonders what is going on with Jana. Jana manages to get rid of Noah before Kevin sees him. 

At the hospital, Victor informs Kay about Nikki's relapse. He admits that he isn't sure that he wants to marry Nikki anymore. Nikki reveals to Deacon that she is having an intense urge to drink. After Meggie sneaks liquor bottles in to Deacon, Deacon becomes torn on whether or not to give Nikki the alcohol. Murphy tries to tap a message to Kay and Victor and they finally realize what he is doing, but they can't decipher it. 

Deacon decides not to push Nikki over the edge and instead turns the alcohol over to a staffer. Nikki is impressed by Deacon and offers him a second chance and support while they lean on each other. The two nearly kiss before Deacon leaves. Meggie continues to play on Victor's sympathies.


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