The Defenders Review: ''Nevada v. Cerrato'' Episode 4

After lasts week's serious episode, I was hoping The Defenders would focus more on humor with "Nevada v. Cerrato."

And it did. Sort of.

The start of the episode introduced Nick and Pete to a case concerning a man who owes six million dollars to a casino. Watching the two mock out the criminals and flip a coin to decide who will lead was amusing.

Pete and Nick clearly have chemistry. No, not the lovelorn relationship kind. Rather, it's the competitive, brotherly, frat boy kind. These two are at their best when together and simply bantering.

The witty repartee continued as Nick revealed that he's on a diet. Pete teases him about being angry and hungry, getting Nick to throw carrots at him. Although it really had nothing to do with either case of the episode, it was funny to see a slightly vulnerable side of Nick. Plus, that look he gives Lisa as she chows down on cakes? I've seen that look before. Sweets and sugar are powerful things.

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