Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nikki admits to Deacon that she is upset that Victoria hasn’t been to visit her. Victor informs Victoria that Nikki doesn’t want to see her. Billy goes to see Nikki and they realize that Victor has been blocking Victoria from seeing Nikki. Victoria finally gets in to see Nikki and she lets loose her anger about Victor’s actions and manipulations. Meggie reveals the next phase of her plan to Deacon. Meanwhile, Nikki unleashes her anger on Victor.Paul starts fishing around Heather trying to find out if Victor is funding her campaign. Heather concedes that Victor is a large contributor to her campaign. Paul warns her to get out of whatever deal she made with him. At the Ranch, Victor hands Heather an envelope. Heather decides to take Victor’s money to help her campaign. Billy and Victoria realize that Heather helped Victor get out of the court order. Paul is disappointed in Heather when it becomes clear that she is willing to do anything to win the election for DA.Mac visits a slightly down J.T., just as his doctor comes in and announces J.T. can go home. At J.T.’s, Lily stops by and they inform her about J.T.’s condition. Later, J.T. and Mac consider leaving Genoa City for D.C.Cane asks Sofia to hire an outside consultant on the bio-fuel project, James Collier, the fake identity Cane created. Sofia agrees to hire James without meeting him after Cane stakes his personal and professional reputation on him. Later, Cane meets with Blake to give him, James Collier’s banking information. Things get heated up between Cane and Blake just as Lily comes home.


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