Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lily comes home and finds Blake and Cane together. Blake is charming when he introduces himself to Lily as Cane’s friend from Australia. Kay brings Ronan in to try and communicate with Murphy. Ronan realizes that Murphy is using Morse code. Murphy manages to get the word ‘DANGER’ to Ronan.Meggie informs Victor’s pilot to have the jet ready as a surprise. At the rehab center, Victor attacks Deacon. Nikki won’t allow Victor to get rid of Deacon, informing him that her drinking is her own fault. Victor updates Meggie about what happened at the center. She suggests he get out of town and decompress. Nikki ends up being comforted in Deacon’s arms.Billy and Victoria dig for a connection between Heather and Victor. Billy finds Heather’s donor list and sees that Victor is on it. When Billy nails Heather on her involvement with Victor, Heather decides to offers him a deal.J.T. blindsides Victoria when he informs her that he and Mac are moving to D.C. and taking Reed with them. Victoria notifies J.T. that she will do everything in her power to stop him from leaving. J.T. has to break the news to Reed that they are moving to D.C. without Victoria. Billy works on his story about Heather being in Victor’s back pocket. Later, Victoria sees Billy’s article and wants him to run it.


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