Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, November 5, 2010

Nikki opens up to Deacon about her fears regarding Victor and Meggie. Meggie, the new Mrs. Newman, moves on to the next phase of her plan. Meggie uploads their first wedding photo to her social network. Nikki is shocked when she sees the wedding photo. Meggie notices Victor passed out in his chair and decides he needs a pick-me-up of the "blue-pill" variety. Nikki is distraught when she thinks that Victor turned to Meggie after their fight and married her. Deacon and Nikki end up in a meaningful kiss. Meggie offers Victor the spiked drink. Meggie is stunned when Victor is suddenly alert and grabs her wrist. Heather informs Michael that she plans to make sure Daisy doesn’t get bail. Michael pleads with Lauren to go to Daisy’s arraignment and speak to the judge. Daniel and Phyllis inform Heather, Michael, and Lauren that Daisy is claiming that she is carrying his baby and he wants a paternity test. Daisy demands that she has the paternity test in the hospital and remains there for the rest of her pregnancy or else there is no test. Lauren and Michael refuse to take Daisy’s deal so Daisy refuses to let Daniel have his test.Reed asks Victoria to stay and watch him in J.T.’s wedding. Mac asks Lily to be her matron of honor. As the ceremony begins, Brock walks Mac down the aisle and hands her off to J.T. The two exchange vows and everyone applauds when the couple is pronounced husband and wife. Victoria informs J.T. that she will never forgive him for taking Reed. Mac and J.T. say their final goodbyes. Victoria gives her son a big hug before J.T. finally steps in. When they are gone, Victoria breaks down in Billy’s arms.


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