JUSTIFIED “Full Commitment” Review

JUSTIFIED "Full Commitment" Season 2 Episode 11 – After he and Winona are the targets of an obvious assassination attempt, Raylan gets stuck with Tim as his babysitter for a little while. He works at trying to ditch Tim every chance he can get, which wasn’t exactly a big shocker. I mean telling Raylan not to work on a case, especially a case where he and Winona were nearly shot, is clearly notgoing to happen. I was however a smidge surprised when it turned out that Gary put out the hit, hoping to get Raylan out of Winona’s life once and for all. The plan backfired on him and instead, Gary’s the one out of Winona’s life.

Boyd is still building his army and goes to Raylan’s father to recruit the old guy onto his team. Meanwhile, Dickie’s plans are going up in flames. After Boyd comes in and busts up a business meeting, a mutiny begins and ends with bullets, leaving him with only one man left. Turns out that’s all he needs though, once he realizes that Arlo is with Boyd and that Helen is home alone. Read More...



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