THE MIDDLE “Royal Wedding” Review

THE MIDDLE "Royal Wedding" Season 2 Episode 20 – After surviving the Heck Plague of 2011, Frankie is fixated on the impending royal wedding, Mike’s crew is fixated on pretzels, and Sue is fixated on Shucker News in the "Royal Wedding" episode of THE MIDDLE.

Okay, I have to be honest-I’m with Mike when it comes to the royal wedding. "I barely cared about ourwedding. Tell me why this is such a big deal." That said, Frankie’s joy over it is both charming and-especially during her tantrum-disturbing and she makes an excellent point that she puts up with Colts worship while catching vomit in her hands (how hilariously nasty was that?), so her family can support her enthusiasm for a woman becoming a princess. Her preparation cracks me up: the scones, the hat, the princess chick douchey teacup, Flava Flav’s necklace. Then bringing the ginormous TV into the land where things come to break (hello, nunchucks!) is the icing on the cake. Her wild-eyed tantrum veers a bit too close to Debra Barone territory, but it’s still funny and Mike doing wedding play by play for a crusty-eyed (ew) Frankie is priceless. I just wish he had described the kiss. Snort. Read More...


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