'Survivor: Redemption Island': White rice war gets racial


On the latest episode of "Survivor: Redemption Island," Phillip gets even crazier than usual - including stealing rice and forcing the n-word into an argument with the former Zapatera tribe members.Redemption IslandSo Matt is back on RI and joining him are Mike and David. So it's time for the three-man thunderdome and none of them know what to expect. The challenge (which everybody gets to watch) is using 150 wooden tiles to build an 8-foot high "house of cards." The first two to do it advance. The guy who doesn't is the first jury member. Mike and Matt stay alive, thought it ends up being a lot closer tan it initially looks like it will be. Mike gets within half an inch and then can't get his last tile, it's actually very tense.MurlonioThe former Zappers think their only chance is to flip Phillip. While Phillip is busy meditating and being totally weird. Meanwhile, the Zappers...



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