'Survivor' recap: The Race is On

Last time I checked, Gary Busey was not black. I point this out because I have called Busey crazy approximately 3,638 times while recapping Celebrity Apprentice this season. I didn't do this to be mean, but partly to counter Donald Trump's constant claims that Gary was "brilliant" and a "genius" and partly because, well, Gary Busey is crazy. Sometimes crazy is just crazy.

Which brings us to Phillip. Also crazy. I don’t mean in the clinical sense, necessarily, but in the loony, kooky, wacky, zany way. He must be completely unbearable to live with, but for us viewers he's been a godsend. When the season started slowing down with Krista and Stephanie being voted out, there was Phillip to offer us a little drama with the "crispy rice" incident. And now Phillip was at it again, turning another disagreement over rice — what is it with this guy and rice, anyway? — into an accusation of racism against Steve. Of course, he then followed that accusation by dropping the N-word twice himself and claiming, "I'm like a lot of black men. We're prepared to self-destruct at any moment. 'Cause that's what happens to a lot of black men. They do self-destruct." (Any other dangerous stereotypes or generalizations we can make? Do they also wear pink saggy underwear with a feather attached to their head?) Read More...



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