Survivor Review: "Rice Wars"

Just when Phillip was starting to be a little bit watchable, he went racial on us.

Ok, he did more than go racial.  He couldn't keep his mouth shut.  He sounded ridiculous.  He made an ass out of himself.  Let’s be honest about this: he went crazy.  Phillip didn’t want to hear the truth coming out of Steve’s lips this week, but no one on Phillip’s tribe agreed with him and certainly no one watching agreed.

What was most frustrating about the "Rice War" between Phillip and Steve is that we were forced to watch it.  Certainly I get it – the footage was dramatic, fiery, contained adult language (always a ratings booster) and seemed like it might be integral in the actual game.  There was no way we were not going to be subject to the footage.  Unlike previous Survivor fights, however, it didn’t impact who was sent home at all and that made it basically useless. Read More...


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