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Recap: 'Top Chef Masters' - 'Diners to Donors'

Recap: 'Top Chef Masters' - 'Diners to Donors'

So Curtis Stone hoes in to reveal that the Quickfire is all about going back to the chefs’ roots – they have to cook with stuff found in the wild, like salsify. And bugs. Horned worms, darkling beetles, crickets and scorpions. Which are all alive, by the way, so they have to kill stuff THEN cook it. It’s like a weekend camping in the woods, but worse!

 Some of the chefs seem amused (Mary Sue Milliken) and some seem like they’re going to hurl (Alex Stratta). In fact, Alex can’t BLEEPING do this. But he’ll have to, because the challenge is to make a five star dish with these bugs. In twenty minutes. I’d just pack my knives and go, honestly, because I’m pretty sure I’d just be staring at the bugs for fifteen of the twenty minutes, willing them to die or turn into a chicken breast. Read More...


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