'Cougar Town' Moment: Things Get Hairy When Jules Babysits Stan (VIDEO)

The direction this episode of 'Cougar Town' went in was interesting. First, there was the plot where Andy plays Laurie's wingman as she tries to get back into "bed 'em and ditch 'em" mode. Then you had Bobby trying all he could to get up super-early and catch a free tee time.

But the most intriguing plot was where Ellie challenged Jules to babysit Stan for a night. Jules thinks that bringing up a kid shouldn't be any more difficult in your 40s than it was in your 20s, when she did it. Ellie knows differently, and the night Jules and Grayson spent with Stan bore that out.

Stan's a good kid, but he's got his own foibles, like a long list of things he's allergic to, and the ability to work locks after getting into things he shouldn't. So, Jules hides all the dangerous things in the house -- knives, a brulee torch, the merlot -- in her lockable pantry / safe room, not thinking that Stan would ever make his way in there. She was wrong.


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