Review: 'Treme' Paints a Compelling Portrait of New Orleans in Season 2

The first season of 'Treme' (10PM ET Sunday, HBO) was a mixed bag, to put it mildly. Some story lines, most notably one featuring Khandi Alexander and Melissa Leo, were terrific. Others, especially a story line involving a druggie street musician named Sonny, made me want to put a fork in someone's eye.

Though some of the show's more annoying aspects, including its tendency toward lecturing and hectoring, were toned down as the first season wound down, I still approached the season 2 DVDs with a degree of wariness. Which side of 'Treme' would be more in evidence this year? Would we get a pedantic, condescending show obsessed with its own narrow definition of "the real New Orleans," or an emotionally nuanced, subtle portrait of complicated people trying to piece together their post-Katrina lives? Read More...


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