'Justified' 2.11 'Full Commitment' Recap and Review

As much as last week's Justified was a filler ep, at least now we have a lot of fun things to play with. We pick up in the fallout of last week's shootout, and the Marshals Office is buzzing with activity. Raylan totally does not care what the Army CID guy has to tell him about the two shooters, who are ex-Army themselves. The Army CID guy isn't surprised that a lot of people might want to shoot Raylan. Obviously, he's a quick study.

Gary shows up and he wants to pick a fight with both Raylan and Winona. He wants to know how much she's willing to put up with, or if it will take her getting shot. He has a point. Raylan still thinks he's an asshole, but that at least he's a right asshole. Art breaks up the whole thing by sending Winona and Gary home, along with Rachel for protection. Furthermore, he assigns Tim (who has come back, along with Rachel, from their apparent vacation to parts unknown) to stay with Raylan, much to Tim's amusement. Sometimes, I think Tim has made a hobby out of screwing with Raylan whenever possible.

This means Tim gets to spend the night at Raylan's hotel. Raylan takes this opportunity to ask him what he knows about ex-Army contractors. Tim asks if Raylan is going to try and run off on him, and they both agree that he will eventually. "Either you let me go or I'm gonna have to give you the slip," Raylan says without hesitation. At least he's honest. Read More...



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