Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Klaus'

So, Elena waits around for Elijah to wake up. Which is taking much longer than I thought it would. But when he comes to, it’s quite the happening. As expected, he does not seem happy, especially because he’s having flashbacks to a time when people didn’t wash that often. Thinking Elena is Katherine, he remembers meeting her in England in 1492. And then he acts pretty dead again and Elena thinks, huh, maybe I should get someone. And then he springs to life like a black widow spider in your garage that you’ve beaten with a broom. This coming back to life thing is not so easy.

 Elijah gets the hell out of the house, as he hasn’t been invited in and it seems to be ejecting him like a guy in an Ed Hardy T-shirt at a non-douchebaggy nightclub. He and Elena stare at each other, then Elena babbles something about trust GIVES HIM THE DAGGER. Holy crap, Elena has taken leave of her senses. 

 Meanwhile, Stefan watches his brother Damon snack on his sex slave/girlfriend/blood donor Andie Starr. He tells Damon to stop treating the poor thing like a walking blood popsicle, but he can’t get too worked up about it because he can’t find Elena! And Elijah is gone! Damon knows Elena did it. That wacky girl and her crazy hijinks! Read More...


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