'The Vampire Diaries' recap: MythBusters

Have you ever choked on your own saliva? It's not a pleasant image, I know, but I'm pretty sure it is the best indication that a TV show has changed the game we thought we were playing.

This episode was called "Klaus," but for me, it was all about Elijah. Daniel Gillies is so good, I'm hoping season 3 revolves around Elijah staying in Mystic Falls to help fight his half brother Klaus' new army of werevamps. But let's back up. Elijah finally came to after Elena pulled the dagger out of him. He took one look at her and thought she was Katherine (even though Katherine would never be caught undead in a scoop neck T-shirt and yoga pants). Cue our first flashback to England in 1492, when Trevor (hi!) brought Katherine to Klaus' birthday party. I thought Elijah's eyes looked as soft as his long curls did when he met her, but I wasn't sure if he was just excited to see the human doppelgänger, if he had taken an immediate liking to Katherine, or if he was perhaps remembering feelings he'd had for whichever Petrova ancestor Katherine resembled. I'll take the theory behind door No. 3. Read More...



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