'Nikita' 1.19 'Girl's Best Friend' Recap and Review

Things are really awkward for Alex and Nathan, as Alex has told him her real story. He is not pleased with the entire "let's fake our deaths and run off together" idea. Just as he's leaving, Jaden shows up on her doorstep. Immediately, a three-way fight breaks out and ruins a lot of perfectly good dishware. This is obviously a nightmare.

Alex wakes up from it and is promptly summoned to Division by Michael, who is sending her on another mission he describes as "on the level." Oh, and it involves Jaden. The two of them are on the trail of Kalume Ungara (Edi Gathegi), who's got his fingers in illegal weapons operations, including a lethal nerve toxin. Dude has his own private lab (sweet!) and Division would like it blown up. Percy says this is "a big deal," so you know this is serious business.

Team huddle! Nikita is not thrilled with Alex's new assignment or Michael's inability to get her out of it, so she wants to fake Alex's death early. Michael believes that Alex's mission is legitimate and won't budge. Alex believes they can combine the two objectives. This gets Michael's uber-skeptical look, but he eventually relents. (Is he turning into a bit of a pushover? He argues, but Nikita has been getting her way a lot of recent.) Game on. Read More...



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